Frequently Asked Questions


Is your fuel suitable to burn in my brand of fireplace?

Absolutely. Our bioethanol fuel is manufactured to the highest quality Australian standard.

Ethanol Fireplace Fuel has been specifically manufactured for use in all Australian standard approved bioethanol fireplaces. (including...)


How long will the fuel burn for?

Burn time on the fuel is dependent on how big your tank is. 

For more accurate information, refer to the fireplace manufacturers manual. 


What does the Scented Bioethanol fuel smell like?

Our scented fuel is a fragrance of its own.

We personally describe it as a fresh forest smell with a slight undertone of musk.


Can I try the Scented fuel?

If you are looking to order our fireplace fuel and are curious to try the scented product, please call our office directly on 02 9194 4600.

If you are ordering the 4 x 5L pack size in Unscented, we can arrange to swap one of the 5L Unscented drums to a Scented 5L drum for you to try.  


Shipping isnt available for my area?

If you see a message advising that shipping is not available, please contact our office on 02 9194 4600 and pricing can be checked and loaded for you to proceed with your order.


What is the cost of delivery?

Depending on your location (we ship Australia wide) and the number of products you order, the shipping will be costed based on location and weight.  

Please be advised the pricing includes a “dangerous goods” levy as the product is flammable liquids and cannot be shipped through Australia Post.

To check the cost, add the product/s to the cart and select ‘View the cart’. Click on ‘estimate shipping and taxes’ and enter your postcode to see the cost to your suburb.

If you see a message advising shipping is not available, please contact our office on 02 9194 4600 and pricing can be checked and loaded for you to proceed with your order.


Do you have retail stores where Bioethanol can be purchased?   

A list of our retailers can be found HERE


Can I pick up stock?

Yes, you can pick up from our warehouse in South Windsor NSW.               

To avoid disappointment, we ask you to call ahead to ensure stock is available and ready for your arrival.

We have credit card facilities to pay for your order onsite. 


Our opening times are:

Monday to Friday – 8am to 4pm

Phone: 02 9194 4600. 


What do I do with the empty drums?

All our drums are 100% recyclable including the label.                          

They can be put into your household recycling bin.  


Can I bring my empty drums in and have them refilled?

No, being a flammable liquid, we are by law unable to refill used containers.


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